How to Place Your Order

Orders may be placed by fax at: (403) 948-6996 or by email at
Fax and email orders are preferred to ensure they are accurate and to avoid discrepancies.

If you require assistance or have any questions please feel free to call us at 403-948-7124 or by email

Order Forms
Measuring Instructions
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Order Forms

Siding Order Form

Download Fillable Aluminum Siding Order Form

Download Printable Aluminum Siding Order Form

J-Wrap Order Form

Download J-Wrap Order Form

Misc Order Form

Misc Order Form

Measuring Instructions

Our recreational vehicle aluminum siding is custom fabricated to order. Prices are based on the square foot and depend on the specific profile or lock pattern requested. The more information you can give us, the more accurately we can reproduce what you are looking for.

  • Make, model and year of trailer to assist in identifying colors and profiles
  • Pictures are also a big help.

We require a paper trail for all orders, whether it be email or fax. This helps to avoid any discrepancies when cutting your order.

Payment is required up front before your order is cut.



  • Cut size is Width (inches) X Length (inches) / (divide by) 144 = Square Footage
  • When determining the dimensions of the siding, you will likely find it easier and more accurate to measure the old pieces while still on the unit (vehicle).
  • When ordering, please state your dimensions as: WIDTH (first) X LENGTH (second)
  • Start at the top and simply measure what you see from lock to lock on each piece. (finished size)



The following example shows black lines indicating where the lock is on each piece.

how to measure your trailer


WIDTH = Top to bottom measurement

LENGTH = Left to right measurement

Piece #1 – measure from top of roof line to bottom of the lock

Piece #2 – measure from the bottom of the lock on piece #1 to the bottom of the lock on piece #2

Piece #3 – measure from the bottom of the lock on piece #2 to the bottom of the lock on piece #3

Piece #4 – measure from the bottom of the lock on piece #3 to the bottom of the lock on piece #4

Piece #5 – measure from the bottom of the lock on piece #4 to the bottom of the lock on piece #5

Piece #6 – measure from the bottom of the lock on piece #5 to the bottom of the lock on piece #6


The example below shows the Height (WIDTH) of this piece is 13 ¼”

lock measurement

The examples below show the LOCK ID and STAPLE STEP measurements

lock and staple measurements

Shipping & Freight

Unless a certain freight company is specified at the time of the order, Lone Pine R.V. will ship on a common carrier which to our knowledge offers the best rates and service to your area. All orders will be shipped freight collect. Additional insurance (ie: declared value) can be requested. It is our recommendation that you obtain a freight quote from a carrier of your choosing for best rates and ease of dealing with potential damage claims. Applicable packaging and crating fees will be charged in accordance with our crating fee schedule, see below.

Orders should be inspected immediately upon receipt and damage freight should be noted in the presence of the driver on the freight bill. Claims for damaged goods must be made directly with the carrier, our responsibility ends when the goods have been accepted by a public carrier.

Crating Pricing

0″ – 48″ WIDTH UP TO 8.5′ $100
0″ – 24″ WIDTH UP TO 16′ $115
25″ – 48″ WIDTH UP TO 16′ $210
0″ – 24″ WIDTH UP TO 24′ $175
25″ – 48″ WIDTH UP TO 24′ $300
0″ – 24″ WIDTH UP TO 32′ $240
25″ – 48″ WIDTH UP TO 32′ $390
50″ x 8.5′ $150
52″ x 8.5′ $150

Credit Application

Download Credit Application

Terms & Policies

Sales Terms

Unless a credit account has been established with Lone Pine R.V. all orders must be pre-paid before shipping.

Invoices are due and payable 30 days from date of invoice; and are subject to a 1.5% per month penalty fee.

There is a $25.00 charge for all NSF cheques returned to Lone Pine R.V.


Lone Pine R.V. offers no warranty, express or implied. Our liability is for product replacement ONLY when said product is defective. Warranty does NOT include labor or any additional expenses that may occur through carelessness, improper handling, and application procedures or application before damage is discovered. Products not directly produced by Lone Pine R.V. are subject to these same conditions.